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Why register with a chiropractic staffing agency

Getting registered with MMA staffing agency allows chiropractors seeking jobs a one-stop place to find employment

There are many reasons you may find yourself looking for a new chiropractic job. Job hunting has changed greatly in the last few years. Let’s face it, it’s still a lot about who you know, and personal networking will always be an important part of your job search. Monster, Indeed and ZipRecruiter still dominate the big online job boards, but social networking and niche staffing and recruiting are becoming the go-to ways to find your next opportunity. Industry-specific staffing agencies are a great place to start when looking for a new opportunity, even in chiropractic. Let’s take a look at why you may want to register with a chiropractic staffing agency.

Larger network

Chiropractic staffing agencies serve chiropractic practice owners and hiring doctors. The clients are the ones who pay for services: temporary coverage and associate placement. Chiropractic staffing agencies are in business to network and work with clients nationwide and sometimes internationally. Additionally, these agencies also network with the major chiropractic schools, state chiropractic associations and state licensing boards. You would be hard-pressed for time if you tried to network with all of these businesses and organizations on your own. Tap into a large chiropractic network by registering with an agency.

Personal connection

It can be tough to stand out from the crowd. In a competitive job market, how will your resume and experience be distinct from potentially hundreds of other applicants? Recruiters at staffing agencies build relationships with their clients. They watch for trends from clients and applicants. Recruiters act as a liaison between the client and the applicant with the goal being to get the best fit for both parties. Building a relationship with the recruiter can help you get to the top of the applicant file. Some things to strive for when registering with an agency:

  • Fill out the application entirely. If you have to leave blanks, write an explanation in the comment section or follow-up with an email.
  • Be professional with the recruiter. He is going to be communicating with the client about you. What kind of impression are you making?
  • Update your resume. There are some great tips here on our blog.
  • Be prompt with your responses. Don’t miss an opportunity because you didn’t return a phone call or email within 24 hours.
  • If anything in your job search changes, call or email your recruiter. They have no idea that your preferences have changed unless you notify them.

Tailored job postings

When you register with a chiropractic staffing agency, they take your preferences, experience and education into consideration. You can elect to be notified of jobs that fit your specific requirements. The more details you share with your recruiter, the better they’ll be able to match you with your prospective employer. More often than not, new job postings are sent out to registered chiropractic job hunters before they’re posted to the general public.

It’s free

There is no cost to register with a staffing agency. Remember, the client, your potential employer, is paying for the agency to find them the best candidate. You have nothing to lose and you might find a great position.

Whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned chiropractic physician, registering with a chiropractic staffing agency can greatly increase the number of opportunities available to you and can help you land your next job. Ready to get started? Browse new positions in your area.

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