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Why hire a cover doctor instead of closing my chiropractic office?

A temporary or cover doctor is a licensed chiropractic physician who fills in for you or other doctors in your clinic on an as-needed basis.

According to a study done by Chiropractic Economics, a sole-practitioner chiropractor spends an average of $15,000 annually on marketing and earns an average of 7 new patients weekly. That’s a lot of money to spend attracting new patients only to close your office for a vacation, medical emergency or personal day.

Your patients come to you for help with a variety of issues and for overall wellness. You and your staff work hard to convey the value and power of regular chiropractic care. When you need to be away from your practice, it is important to maintain patient care plans. Hiring a cover doctor conveys to your patients that you care about their health and healing by keeping their treatment schedule intact.

We believe you should never close your office. Here are some other great reasons for hiring a cover doctor instead of closing your chiropractic office:

  • Uninterrupted patient treatment schedules
  • Ability to receive new patients and emergencies
  • Continue to generate income while you’re away
  • Your patients will appreciate your commitment to their chiropractic health needs

It can be challenging to know what to ask when seeking a cover chiropractor to treat your patients when you’re away from the office. Download our free checklist of questions to ask the doctor you’re hiring to cover your practice.

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