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Why chiropractic owners should use a chiropractic staffing agency

According to the 20th Annual Salary and Expense Survey from Chiropractic Economics, 59% of U.S. chiropractic offices are owned and operated by a solo practitioner.

On average, solo practitioners spend 35 hours a week seeing patients. That doesn’t include all the other tasks associated with running a business. Attracting, interviewing and hiring a competent, experienced chiropractor can be time-consuming. Why not let a chiropractic staffing agency dedicated to chiropractors do the heavy lifting?

Why chiropractic owners should hire a chiropractic staffing agency

Chiropractic staffing agencies operate differently than traditional staffing or employment agencies. They specialize in finding the best chiropractors to fill positions for practice owners (clients). Most chiropractic staffing agencies are owned by a former practicing chiropractic physician. They have dedicated staff who work with clients and job-seeking chiropractors looking for work.

Reputable chiropractic staffing agencies attract the best talent. They have relationships with all the chiropractic schools.  They screen for state board and malpractice claims. They validate state licenses.

Attracting, screening and placing chiropractors is all they do. Their main goal is to meet the needs of clients. A successful placement means a happy client. The goal for good agencies should be making a mutually beneficial match between the associate and the client.

Questions to ask when hiring the services of a chiropractic staffing agency

When choosing an agency to find you a permanent associate, there are some basic questions to ask:

  • How long have you been placing permanent chiropractic physicians?
  • How do you market my position?
  • Do you have doctors in my area looking for work?
  • Can you find me a temporary chiropractor while I’m searching for a permanent doctor?
  • Can I hire the temporary doctor?
  • What happens if you can’t find someone for my practice?
  • What are your fees and when do I pay?

Do you need help hiring a permanent associate? Call today and request a free, no-obligation quote or submit a request online.

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