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Top benefits and perks chiropractic job seekers want

Ask us about chiropractor job benefits and advancement opportunities for chiropractors in positions locally, nationally and internationally

The job outlook for chiropractic is bright.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported a 12% projected change in employment from 2016 to 2026. The average growth rate for all occupations is 7 percent. With so many chiropractors hitting the job market, you have the opportunity to hire the best candidate. You’ll want to be sure your employment offer is competitive.

We surveyed our registered chiropractors applying for permanent positions. It’s not just the pay, although that has to be competitive as well. Chiropractic Economics reported in 2016 that the average U.S. salary for an associate was $64,300.  Here are some other things job applicants are looking for in associate chiropractic positions:

  • Paid malpractice insurance
  • Paid health insurance
  • Future partnership buy-in
  • Vacation days, at least one week in the first year
  • Work-life balance, included flex schedules and weekends off
  • Bonuses and profit-sharing

Millenial Chiropractors

Chiropractors practicing for the last 8-10 years are part of the Millenial generation. Millenials, those born from 1982-2004 roughly, value more than the standard benefits. The culture of the workplace matters as much as the other tangible benefits. Corporate and social responsibility ranks high as well. Today’s job seekers don’t just want to punch a time clock. They want their work to have meaning and value.

Culture Matters

Examine the culture of your practice. Are you open to collaboration? Do you welcome new ideas? As you’re interviewing applicants, keep in mind you’re looking for the best candidate who fits your practice culture.  Before you share your vision, ask applicants what their ideal work environment looks like. You’ll know right away if it’s a good match. Don’t be afraid to interview more than once or invite the applicant to shadow you with patients. Observe interactions with staff and patients.

The hiring process can be lengthy, but don’t rush it. Chiropractic staffing agencies can assist with the process, bringing expertise and access to qualified applicants. Read our past blog on why working with a staffing agency can help you attract and hire the best associate.