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What is an Associate doctor?

An Associate is a licensed, chiropractic physician who works full or part time for you in your clinic on a permanent basis. 

Why do I need your help?

Hiring the right Associate is imperative to the growth and health of your practice. You are the expert on patient care. We are the experts in finding the best, licensed chiropractors for your needs.

How do you find qualified doctors?

We have longstanding relationships with every U.S. chiropractic college, state board and state association. We attract the best and brightest chiropractic job seekers from all over the U.S. and continue to expand internationally. We market to new graduates and seasoned professionals with various levels of experience and skills.

What is a Temporary doctor?

A Temporary or Coverage doctor is a licensed, chiropractic physician who fills in for you or other doctors in your clinic on an as-needed basis.

Why do I need your help?

Your patients deserve uninterrupted care. Our cover doctors are licensed, experienced and carry their own malpractice insurance. We match our doctors with the skills and techniques used in your practice. 

How does coverage work?

Once we have a signed agreement, we reach out to our doctors to secure your requested date(s). We provide a 90-minute, free consultation with our cover doctor prior to the coverage. In most cases, we maintain a backup doctor for the unexpected. All fees are agreed upon in writing prior to the coverage.

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