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Substitute Doctor Office Coverage Guidelines

1. If MMA presents you with a position, please call the Client within 24 hours to touch base and set up an orientation. A Client can request an in-person orientation, time-permitting. A phone consultation is usually sufficient for 1-2 day contracts or short notice.

2. During the personal orientation or phone consultation, please ask several questions regarding time spent with each patient (must be duplicated) and adjustments client does or does not do. Does the Client adjust rotary or Gonstead style? Prone or supine? Anterior or posterior dorsal? S.O.T., activator or A.K.? Ask questions. Don’t treat Client’s patients with techniques totally different than what the patients are used to. Also, ask about soap notes; whether they are handwritten notes, quick notes or dictation notes. Make sure you are familiar with the exam forms and fill them out completely. You should review X-rays taken on new patients and find out where the Client’s X-ray technique chart is located.

3. Do not over-treat or over-adjust. Do not force anything. Adjust about 30% less on the Client’s patients than you would on your own. It is better that the Client’s patients say that you were gentle but effective, rather than rough. Do not treat new areas of the spine that the Client does not normally adjust or treat, unless you feel it is necessary to the patient’s recovery. DO NOT CONTACT the patient’s skin for palpation or adjustments if the client does not. Many female patients may be offended by this if they are not used to this treatment. Do not reduce patient’s frequency of care unless indicated on a long-term position. If a patient asks about this or questions care, tell them the Client will go over it with them upon return. Reassure patient that Client is a good doctor and knows what is best for them. Don’t ever belittle Client, always praise them.

4. Keep daily notes legible and up to Client’s standards, and keep track of number of visits seen each day by asking the receptionist when you leave that night. Submit the online tracking sheet or download/fax the tracking sheet above, noting the number of patients seen, full or half day worked, gas reimbursement per round trip, and motel (if utilized) to MMA at the end of the week. MMA must receive the tracking sheet by 9 a.m. Monday morning for your paycheck to be processed on time.

5. Be cooperative, congenial and professional with patients and staff at all times, even if you do not agree with something. It is not worth arguing as you are only there temporarily. If there is a conflict over your particular duties, or anything else, call MMA immediately. Also, if there is anything that appears to be unethical or illegal contact MMA immediately.

6. Sexual harassment of any kind toward clinic staff or patients will not be tolerated. 

7. Keep socializing to a minimum during and after the work day. Clinic staff are busy and will let you know when they need you. Ask the staff if it is OK to sit in the Client’s office before doing so. Handle all personal matters in between patients or at lunch. Be mindful what you say to staff and patients, as much of this will be repeated to the Client. 

8. Male Sub Doctors: Always wear a tie and/or clinic jacket if Client prefers, especially to orientation. Female Sub Doctors: Wear business attire and/or clinic jacket if Client prefers, especially to orientation.

9. If you smoke, please wait until after hours or lunchtime to have a cigarette. Wash hands thoroughly before treating patients and utilize breath freshener if possible. 

10. Do not solicit patients or staff to buy into any sales or marketing ventures, supplements or weight loss programs at any time during or after the coverage work.

11. Leave a note for Client regarding new and acute patients, suggested scheduling of an MRI, or further testing upon Client’s return, so Client may be aware before adjusting a high-risk patient. Also notify Client of any patients that did not respond to your care or have taken a turn for the worse. 

12. Do not make long distance phone calls on Client’s phone. Use your calling card or cell phone, and keep calls to minimum during office hours.

13. Do not use Client’s computer or internet connection or any other personal items at any time for your personal use.

14. The above items are very essential to the Client. Remember, these are your colleagues, and this is their office. Please treat their practice well and like you are a guest in their home, and you will be successful in this specialty.

15. Compensation will be mailed two weeks after the Wednesday of the week you worked and weekly payments thereafter, if a long-term weekly. If motel or fuel is not utilized, reimbursement is not paid. Please indicate fuel and motel expenses when faxing or submitting tracking sheets each week. Please email or fa

16. If our Clients or their patients need to speak to you regarding any matter, they will contact MMA first, and then we will contact you. Do not leave your business card or contact information.

17. Do not accept future work directly from the client for two years after contract completion without going through MMA, as stated in the contract.

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